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Bake Sale

May 8, 2019

Our first bake sale consisted of homemade chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. These were distributed around the neighborhood in support of our partnering local charity The Children's Aid Foundation. This was a fantastic learning experience for our club as a whole. Through selling these goods, we not only managed to bond with our neighbors, but also were able to spread awareness about underprivileged children. We raised $102 and all of which went towards funding the education of foster kids.

October 31, 2019

As our first bake sale was a success, we hosted another one. Since it was during the month of October, Hopestic got creative and hosted a Halloween themed bake sale. We sold homemade lemon pies, meringues, and cookies, which going with our Halloween theme, were yellow, orange, and brown. This attracted the attention of plentiful children around the neighborhood and we managed to raise $300+ for The Children's Aid Foundation. 

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