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hopestic stands with blm. we must make o

BLM Support

As an organization that is made up of students that are mostly part of minorities, we feel that it is our responsibility to speak up and take action. Hopestic stands in solidarity with the black community. As the next generation, we must make our voices be heard. We must stop, listen, and learn from what is happening. We call for an end to the systemic racism that has allowed innocent lives to be taken. There must be change in our justice system and the laws in place. We believe that it is our responsibilities to show those who don’t see the injustice that our black brothers and sisters have been facing and are still facing. We want to teach other to never invalidate what anyone else has gone through. We strive to open the minds and hearts of those that are facing away and staying silent. We believe that silence is a form of racism in this day and age where terrible things are happening to those who don’t deserve it purely on the color of their skin. We are trying to help people find ways to help Black Lives Matter through social media. 

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