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The Children's Aid Society is a local charity that we have partnered with to help support children both in our community and nationwide. The Children's Aid's mission is to "help children in poverty succeed and thrive" which is also similar to one of our goals in ensuring that quality education is equally accessible to all.

bethany house services.png

The Bethany House empowers the homeless and low-income families by providing housing stability and long term self-sufficiency. Hopestic supports this cause in that we believe that no matter the financial conditions, basic housing and necessities should be equally accessible for everyone. Hence, we partnered with the Long Island Bethany House branch during the global pandemic in hopes to support their mission and lessen the financial strain and difficulties of the organization. 

the arbors assisted living.png

The Arbor's Assisted Livings is a residential center for the elderly population, which aims to "enhance the quality of life by providing an all-inclusive nurturing, supportive, and active environment" for its residents. Hopestic partnered with The Arbor's Assisted Livings amidst the global pandemic to provide online services and entertainment for the elderlies who had restricted interaction with others as they were the most susceptible population. 

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